Welcome to myOttawa experience!

Ottawa has been my home for over 12 years and it’s been an awesome city to live and work. The city’s wonderful architecture, it’s cultural mosaic and it’s extremely friendly and dynamic people make it such an inspiring and supportive city to call home.

I’m a local commercial photographer, so I tend to look at the city with a visual and creative perspective – and definitely from an interesting experience point of view. Most of my friends are photographers, artists, and folks in the advertising and marketing world. We all tend to have pretty eclectic and interesting tastes – so the suggestions on this site will hopefully take you off the usual path.  :)

Ottawa is an amazingly beautiful, historical, political and cultural city.

It’s so full of wonderful heritage landmarks to visit and photograph. And the city is literally packed full of tourism experiences, with the likes of The National Gallery, tons of small independent galleries, the designated heritage Rideau Canal Waterway, loads of museums, a brand new convention center, not to mention the NAC – home to Canada’s National Arts Centre Orchestra. (oh yeah, and it’s all within walking distance from each other!)

Ottawa is such a unique place, where you can truly surround yourself by rich historic architecture of the Canadian Parliament Buildings and heritage landmark hotels – then 20 minutes later be hiking or biking in the great outdoors of Gatineau Park in Quebec.

My hopes are that his site/blog will help you find some cool cafés, interesting places to eat, where to stay in Ottawa for either a vacation or business visit and which attractions to see and do – or maybe yet, to just get to know our Capital a little better. I hope this site helps to open your eyes and your heart to what I believe is one of Canada’s coolest and nicest cities.

Please feel free to leave a comment on any of the pages with questions, suggestions or perhaps yourOttawa experience!

Enjoy myOttawa!  :)

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